About Me

mat aldous

In my past I had worked for 13+ years as a System Administrator within the VFX industry…  Right now…. I’m both a web-developer and sheep farmer.   In my current work-life I strive to create websites that make my clients happy.   I’m always learning and so I’m always going back to my customer’s websites to look at what I can do to improve them.  Continual improvement is part of my daily ritual.  Ideally my goal is to create great looking websites that function well, and to keep them from becoming stale and out-dated.  I try to value add for my customers wherever possible, especially when I can leverage open-source technologies to save my customers money.

I believe Technology exists to to make our lives easier, the evidence often points to the exact opposite, though I hope that by developing the skill of avoiding all the trappings of technology while squeezing out all the juicy nutritious stuff you can effectively use the technology around you to elevate your business interests.  This is something I try to bring to every engagement with my clients.

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