Day 12 – Marketing your website without spamming friends !

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One of my website clients recently mentioned to me that she hasn’t spent much time marketing her products on facebook or twitter because she didn’t want to spam her friends.   I thought to myself “that must be an extremely common problem”, so I’ve come up with some ideas on how to avoid friend spamming.

It seems that Google values genuine human interest as the most significant criteria for “website value” in page rankings.  Therefore effective use of social networks is one of the most important methods for generating interest and improving pagerank .  That doesn’t mean you have to spam your friends though !

Before I go on… I must stress that CONTENT is always the most important factor.  You must always spend time improving your content.  There is no such thing as a finished page in my opinion.  Always go back and see how you can word a description better… try to take “better photographs of your products” and include links to demonstration videos where it’s relevant.   If you owned a shop in a fancy shopping district you would spend time each day re-arranging the shelves to show off your best products, cleaning and dusting the window display and ensuring each product is correctly labeled etc…   It’s no different for an online store, each day you check on what should be “promoted” to the user and “promote it.   The rule you should follow for deciding on which page should be improved is “would I buy this myself!”.  If not then decide what’s lacking that would help you to decide to buy it and make that change !

How to use social networking without spamming your friends !

  1. Ask your friends if its ok if you periodically post products on their page (pick friends who are in your target market or have lots of other friends who are in your target market).
  2. Search out and use “content based” social networks instead/as well as.  (pinterest, youtube, vimeo, flickr, linkedin etc… Their audience wants to see new content all the time!)
  3. Ask your friends for help…. post a product page and ask your friends what can I do/add to help sell my products better.  (while you gain advice plenty of people will get to see your product at the same time).
  4. Get your friends involved, ask them to participate in demonstrating the products in a video/photo.
  5. Post coupon codes to your facebook/twitter accounts.  People always appreciate discounts.
  6. Don’t post too often.  Find out whats right for you (I suspect more than once a day will be considered spamming by any of your friends).  Once or twice a week is probably ample.
  7. Spend some of your time promoting your friend’s businesses.  If you don’t make time for them they are unlikely to make time for you.
  8. Let your friends know that every time they “like” or “+1″ a link to your page it positively affects how well high your page appears in a Google search.

I believe that most of your friends will be happy to help you, whether it is to offer advice,  to share a page link for you or spread the word.  Just remember to ask your friends before posting on their time-line.  Posting your business ads on someone else’s time-line without permission would be like pasting advertising banners to the front of someone’s house.      If you ask them nicely I’m sure they’ll say yes and be really supportive of your business, if you spam them they’ll probably just delete the entries…. or worse un-friend you.

Ok now go out and market your online business with the willing support of your friends and family !

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