Day 13 – Start a professional network


Start your own professional network to gain knowledge and share experience !

For anyone starting up a small business venture you can easily feel like you are isolated without an avenue for professional support.  Social networks can provide instant but often superficial feedback to your efforts and the daily grind can leave you lacking inspiration to keep pushing forward.

My suggestion is to become a leader of your own professional network…  don’t wait to be invited… go out and find other people in your position and in your neighborhood to meet and share knowledge and experience.

The old school way would be to post a notice on community notice boards (at the post office or supermarket)…   Definitely do that ! Your poster should read something like..

Small Business Owner looking to form a support network to meet periodically to discuss/share information on local/online marketing opportunities, social networking, websites skills, commercial photography and artwork, logistics, legal issues and the like.  I want to share my experience and learn from yours ! 

and ….  I would be negligent if I didn’t let you know about  this is the online version of your local supermarket bulletin board.  Another way to find local people to join you in a communal mind-meld.  It may take you a while to find enough people to form a small group but even if you only find one or two people in your area chances are you will benefit from it !

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