Day 15 – Do your customers link to you ?


This question may not be relevant to all industry types…  However these days it’s almost impossible to have a business that exists online or not, without a homepage to provide some basic information to the world.   My question to you is “Do your customers link to you?”  Have you looked ?  Go do that now and then come back and read the rest of this blog entry.   Chances are that some or all of your clients are not linking to you, and chances are you can benefit greatly from them doing so !

A significant factor in your PageRank is backlinks.  And many of the strategies that exist to help you generate back-links often end up  fruitless…  however… I’m going to be really daring and tell you to do something that might shock you….   What for it…   Hop on the phone and call your customers and ask them for their help !  Ask them if the wouldn’t mind putting a discreet link to your website in the footer of their webpage.    Yeah, thats it, simple right.  And you know probably the easiest SEO/Marketing you can do to improve your SERPs.   You probably already have a rapport with many of your ongoing customers so many of them will be happy to do it without any conditions.  I do suggest you be selective in choosing who you approach.  Prioritize your requests to customers that already have a good pagerank themselves,  and make this process an ongoing part of future communications with new customers.   If you find the right/relevant time to broach the topic your results may be significantly improved.

Ways to encourage your customers to link to you

  • Make it easy for them to add your link, send them the code to paste into their website.
  • Offer to provide marketing/customer referrals, social media “likes/+1″ etc..  as reciprocal support.
  • Raise this sort of thing in person during industry social events and then follow it up again later over the phone.

You can do the same thing with business associates, friends and family.   However try to keep the majority of your back-links within your Industry to avoid being penalized by Googlebot.

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