Day 6 – Keywords


When people talk about keywords and SEO they are indirectly talking about marketing.   Google search engine pays close attention to  how you write  “key phrases” in your content.  It is therefore important to use the language that your customers are using in their search queries.  eg. If you are probably better off writing “solar panel” in your content rather than “photovoltaic PV”, more people will find you if you are using the “common terms”.   Sometimes you need to use the “correct” and “specific” term in your writing, but most of the time you can get away with varying your terminology so that you cover both the technical terms and the common term.   If you need to you can write the common term next to your technical term in brackets. eg.    Photovoltaic PV (solar panel).

You can extend and shape your key phrases even more by using the “keyword tools” linked below.  For example if it turns out that 700,000 people are searching for “cost effective solar panels”  then you should try to use that phrasing if it’s relevant to your product.    Getting the right adjective to fill out your key phrases could increase your website traffic considerably.

Warning:  Don’t use key phrases that are extremely popular (with low competition) in your content unless they relate to your industry ! You will be penalized by Google if you are found out !  Perhaps black-listed.

Check out these Tools to help you discover the keywords that people are using for your Industry !

Google Ad-Words Keyword Tool

Keyword Density Tool

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