Day 7 – Content Enrichment

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As I have mentioned before, Googlebot is heavily biased towards web pages that have unique content.  If you find that you are struggling with your SEO efforts it is more than likely that your content has too much data that already exists somewhere else.  If you are simply re-posting content from other websites you may even be penalized in your Page Rank score.

Here are some suggestions to help you pep up your content.

Use Info-graphics

Info-graphics are like marketing postcards, they summarize a topic in a really eye-catching way.  If you create it yourself you’ll be the only one on the internet with this content, and if people start posting it to facebook or pinterest then you may even receive back-links for your efforts.  You can make your own Info-graphics using photo retouch software like (photoshop or GIMP) or better yet a vector based illustration package like (illustrator or inkscape).  There are also resources online to help you with content enrichment ! Check out some of the following sites:





Get Creative with your charts

Tthere are many ways to present data but the most effective will those ways that are pleasing to the eye.  It doesn’t hurt if you have some fun along the way either !






Or just use normal charts:

Google Charts


Though it wont help you directly in search engine rankings necessarily, video and animations are a way to keep your readers engaged for longer.   Embedded podcasts or vodcasts are a way to pack a lot of detail into a webpage without taking up much space.  It can also be something that your readers can listen to while they do other tasks/chores.   If you post regularly with training based content video and audio can be a great way to increase your return visitors and engage in new audiences.





Mind Maps

A mindmap is a way to represent lists of abstract data together to help group things logically.  They can help to clear up how things fit together and are an interesting way to display some types of information.



Anyone can take great photos these days, with pro-sumer cameras that are cheap and easy to use ! They can provide very high quality images that make your pages pop !


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