Day 8 – Get on Google Maps


Almost any business place can benefit from being listed on Google Maps.    In fact simply being listed on any of Google’s Databases could help to validate your business.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find that your Google Maps entry plays a part in your Page Rank, SERPs.  Regardless the amount of people searching for products and businesses on Googlemaps is enough incentive to have your business listed.   Probably more important than your Yellowpages entry these days.

Getting your business listed with Google Places

Visit the Google places link below and follow the instructions to sign up and get your business verified.   Once you’ve created your business listing Google will want to “phone”, “SMS” or “send a postcard” to you with your activation “pin” which you must enter before your listing becomes fully activated.

Google Places

Standing Out in GoogleMaps

Adding photos to your Google maps listing is a good way to encourage viewers to click through to your website.   Asking your customers to leave a review on your Google maps entry may be another good way to entice more online interest.   But something I think will tug the purse strings of most your potential customers is “Google Offers”.    Advertise any promotions and specials that you have via your Google maps entry and see if it makes a difference !  I’d be keen to know how you go !



Google Offers


Google Places
Google Maps
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