Google Adwords Keyword Tool now Keyword Planner


Many people will be familar with Google’s Adwords Editor / Keyword Tool. It is an invaluable resource for discovering keywords that are popular with Google search engine users. It allows a developer to enhance the effectiveness of their SEO efforts in order to direct users to their websites by using the most appropriate “synonym”.  Eg A company that provides computer technical services may discover the keywords “geeks for hire” are 150 times more commonly used by users than “system administrators for hire”.

That said, Google will soon be discontinuing this tool in favor of their Keyword Planner Tool.

Although I am not a power user of either tool I suspect it will upset a number of people if the full functionality is not available in the Keyword Planner Tool.

Here are some screenshots of the previous Adwords Editor and new Keyword Planner Tool.  If you are a frequent user of the Keyword tool you may want to familiarize yourself with the new planner tool before the Keyword tool disappears completely.


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