How to start a website !


If you are looking to start a website from scratch you will likely be searching in google for terms like “how to start a website“,  “local web site developers” or “free websites“.    All of these search terms will likely produce an endless list of search results each more daunting than the next.   I’ve written this blog entry to help point you towards the BEST options based on how much time and energy you have to invest.


  1. Hosted WordPress / WIX site (free or premium)   (GOOD)
  2. Hire a web developer to build you a website ! (BETTER).
  3. Learn the Technology Yourself ! (BEST).


Hosted WordPress/ WIX

PROS: Affordable, Easy to use.
CONS: If it can’t do what you want you have to change themes.

Hire a web developer

PROS:  Best Control over Functionality and Design, GOTO Person for improvements,  Trust Relationship.
CONS:  More Expensive Than Hosted Options.

Learn the Technology

PROS: Ultimate Control over all aspects of the website.
CONS: Huge leed time (possibly several years if you start from scratch), Time consuming to maintain.


There are of course more options than I have suggested.   In my opinion these are the most common methods that people use when starting to build a new website.    If you are completely new to website design and decide to “Learn the Technology”  you may well be happy with your result, but chances are the result you have will be hugely lacking in visual appeal, structured layout, flexibility of updating content and not suitably optimized for search engines.    Its just too much to learn from scratch.

Hiring a web developer is of course what I recommend… It’s my business and I’m clearly biased.  Though if you are genuinely interested in learning the technology and you find yourself a capable developer who is happy to teach you the ropes, you are far better off than you would be if you contract a company to spew out a business templated solution with a custom logo.   There are many choices of independent developers or companies who can provide you with solutions that will suit your needs.   My advice is to look at their website…  is it appealing ? is it fast ? is it layed out nicely ? is it functional ?   Then look at their portfolio… do you like the work produced again are the sites well made and visually appealing…   Then contact the individual or company and ask them about their price structure and find out if they are willing to give you a free quote on the work you describe.   If not keep looking !

The instant website in a box solutions of WIX and WordPress are great options for a small company.   They have simple to use interfaces, often a heap of options and templates to choose from.   Though many people find getting down to the nitty gritty of making the site look schmick !   You have to work within the limitations of the template.  It can often take several attempts of setting up and customizing your site per template, changing template .. before you are satisfied with the result.  Even then most people are annoyed when they want a particular functionality they isn’t provided.

After all is said and done you still need a website.  I recommend that every at least try a WIX or WordPress site, for many people it will be completely satisfactory.  If you end up getting endlessly frustrated with the whole process start looking for a developer who can provide you with what you want at a good price!  You’ll appreciate your web developer more if you have tried to build the site yourself first.

Good Luck.

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