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I’ve recently come to understand that many people are completely unaware of the power they command as an online citizen. That the choice of what to click on (or what you like/g+/share/etc…)  now has more significance than ever before ! I’m not saying that one person clicking on one link is going to change the world.   However 100 or 1000 clicks put together can have an enormous impact ! And a single person endorsing a thousand products/causes/services in a lifetime is a legacy, though if you look back on your time-line is it a legacy you are proud of ?.  In your time on earth have you endorsed a million funny/cute animal photos or contributed to increasing awareness of important issues, supported organizations and businesses you value and highlighting artists and events that you loved ?.   This article is about using “share/like/g+/tweeting” to create positive change in the world around you. Think about what and who you value the most,  seek them out online  and  “like” them !

Like is a doing word

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), you as an individual can make an impact on the people around you (that is, individuals, artists, businesses etc…)  Not simply from a marketing point of view,  Your voice can influence the success, happiness and direction of a business or individual.

Did you know that every time you “like, g+, tweet” a website owned by any business/individual, their position in a Google search can be increased ?  By endorsing the businesses that you appreciate, love or think are worthwhile you are helping them to be seen by others who may also share your support.

If this is news to you, then I would encourage you to be more active when it comes to liking pages.   Seek out the companies that you really love dealing with.  It may be your local cafe, a veggie store, a travel agent or a pie cart.   If you love it then you can help them become more successful in their daily business dealings by endorsing them on social media.   The best endorsement is a “share/like/tweet/g+/…”   And it really does have a positive impact on these businesses.

Your endorsement is being watched

Many people who have a successful online business will be collecting information about the way people interact with their website (called Analytics), this data can show them what cities/countries their visitors come from, what browser they are using, peak traffic times, what site they entered from and all sorts of other useful information.  The way you interact with someone’s website can affect how they design the usability of a site.  ie.  if most users are viewing the site from a smart phone, then it’s important they make the smart phone interface as useable as they can manage.   Often social media signals are monitored in a similar way, gathering an understanding of user location, browser and operating system types etc…  My point is simply that businesses work very hard to respond and adapt to their audience, but they do need that initial interaction and sometimes it can be difficult to get any interaction or feedback from customers, even the ones that love them to death.    Don’t be afraid to like something thinking that it has no impact, it certainly does and the business owners will be delighted to see the feedback from you !

Petition regularly for world change

The other big thing you can do with your voice is contribute to online petitions.   There are several online organizations that allow individuals to post issues they feel passionate about, inviting them to right an injustice in the world.  And they work really well.  We see almost every week news media picking up on petitions from online sources and reporting on a wrong-doer being righted.  Its fascinating to see how effective these can be and to see actual change occurring in our lives !

The Petition Site that i like the most:

A Petition Site recommended to me by a friend (Thanks Christian!):

I urge you not to wait for something to be posted to your wall before you like it… Go out and find those charities, companies, artists, authors, products you love and add your endorsement. The more you do it the more significant your impact on the world around you !

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