Day 9 – Page Rank Peers


For any industry there are peers, these are the people/organizations that are highly regarded as an authority or expert in your domain.  How you find your peers depends on your understanding of your own industry but it is certainly an important thing to know.  If you are able to associate yourself with your Page Rank Peers you will be more likely to succeed in your online marketing efforts, especially if those peers are able and willing to link to you as an industry associate, post a media release for you or write an article to promote you.

If you work in Education/Training you are lucky as most university and government websites have a very high PR ranking. If you are associated with either and qualify to be linked to then you are more likely to gain a decent PR from Google (possibly without even trying).

Other industries can be more of a challenge as your peers may also be your competitors and therefore in their interest to keep your PR down. So how do you get back-links from your peers. Some sources including Google report that purchasing backlinks can actually reduce your rankings, which makes sense given that the incentive based nature of Google’s pagerank strategy is such that it only wants to rewards sites with great content. People poor in content but rich in funds don’t seem have much of a chance in the PR stakes.

The best advice I can give is make genuine business contacts, using social media like Linked-in, facebook etc.. and develop those relationships. Make sure they are relevant and mutually beneficial partnerships. If relevant to your industry make friendships with highly regarded blog authors who write about your industry and offer to guest blog for them. Share your knowledge and become a celebrity within your industry, having an active public profile can make all the difference. Enrich your content to make your life easier !


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