Day 3 – Google Analytics


Google Analytics is free, it provides an amazing array of statistics for your website.  It can uncover information about your website visitors that you would never find out any other way.   Analytics is the easiest way to find out why people are visiting your site!, how long your customers spend looking at particular pages and what pages prompt them to leave your site!

Once you’ve signed up, login to ( ) you can follow the instructions provided to create a “tracking code” to include in your website. You need to copy the “tracking code” and paste it into every page on your website, this code will start collecting the data required to generate useful reports in GA (google analytics).   Many web site building tools will provide you an easy way to include code on every page so you only need to enter it once.  WordPress and WIX are two popular web hosting sites, both allow you to enter your GA tracking code easily.  Though you may have to pay for the upgraded service before the ability to enter the Google Tracking is allowed.  Search google for “WordPress Hosting” there are many providers out there so shop around for the best deal !

Below is a slide-show with steps to create and install a Google Analytics Tracking Code into a WordPress Template that supports Google Analytics ( hint: some templates will have a box labeled “header code” or “include code” ).

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